Following service prices are valid unless otherwise agreed. All prices and% commission below are without VAT:
  • Sales fee for sale of ships* is 3%, but never lower than IKR 350.000, -.
  • Sales fee from sales in private sales is by agreement.
  • Fixed estimated cost** which the seller pays at contract is ISK 50.000, -.
  • Fee paid by the buyer at contract is ISK 50.000,-.
  • Sales fee from sale of share quotas is 1.5%.
  • Sales fee from sale of catch quotas is 0.5%, but never lower than ISK 10.000, -.
  • Sales fee of fishing equipment, equipment, supplies, etc. liquidity is 3%, but never lower than ISK 10.000, -.
  • Sales fees from the sale of companies/operations are 3%.
  • The price for stamped and endorsed ship valuation is ISK 30,000, - plus the estimated cost of the assessment, e.g. Is a price of ISK 150 per km due to driving. Intermediate ship sales on a ship valued in this manner are reimbursed by the purchase price.
* Calculated by ship, including accessories, fishing gear, fishing tackle and other vessels included (quota not included).
** Fixed cost are due to information collection and inspection of the ship, certificates, mail transport, driving cost, etc. +354 5622551.